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Innovative Kitchens

Is a Member of the Kitchen Guarantee Fund

Innovative Kitchens is a member of the Kitchen Guarantee Fund Ltd

A new, unique way to safeguard your substantial deposit.

It is unfortunate but not all businesses succeed. Even large well known brands have been known to close quite unexpectedly. Too often consumers are the victims when a company closes its doors. Consumers have often paid deposits worth thousands of dollars and many do not succeed in retrieving their money.

A new kitchen is a substantial investment and we want you to feel confident that your deposit is secure.

The Kitchen Guarantee Fund (KGF) is an independent fund that was started in 2002 in order to provide its members with an independent guarantee for their clients. Innovative Kitchens has been a member since the inception of the KGF. All deposits from Innovative Kitchens clients are protected and guaranteed by the KGF.

The KGF is operated as a separate entity from Innovative Kitchens. Claims will be accepted if Innovative Kitchens is no longer in business. Otherwise any claims are in first instance to be handled and covered by Innovative Kitchens. The guarantee covers your deposit, all units, benchtops, hardware and installation, provided these have been arranged and supplied by Innovative Kitchens. It excludes appliances and sub-trades that have not been supplied by Innovative Kitchens.

Before delivery of the kitchen the balance owing is paid by the client into the KGF trust account. Trust accounts are kept separate from trading bank accounts and at no time are funds used for operational expenses of the fund. Funds are held on behalf of or “in trust” for the customer and no claim exists on these funds by KGF. 40% of the balance is paid to Innovative Kitchens on notice of delivery. The remaining 10% of the value of the kitchen remains in the KGF trust account until the client signs a release form on the completion of the installation.